Friday, July 30, 2010

Today I ran a whole bunch of scans of O Rings with saran wrap on them and one with silicon. We wanted to see if we could see the difference between the flat surface and the rough surface from the images and we could so that was pretty productive. Now we need to figure out exactly how to analyse this data. Naming the file names for the tests was the best part. The name of the day was "The O-Ringer no silicon 3000" Also i have been getting complaints about how short my blogs were so I decided that i would make this one a tad bit longer for all of you who want to sit around and read this nonsense. Think about it, the part that you are reading now has nothing to do with anything and all the important part you have already read. I am just saving your time and making it straight to the point. So in making my short and sweet blogs I was thinking about you the reader, trying to save you as much time as possible in your busy lives.

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